Independent Vancouver

Currently in exhibition at the West End Community Centre | Vancouver, BC

35mm portraits of independents bands throughout Vancouver.
Shot on a Nishika plastic camera.



Human development at an infernal setting.


Lions Gate

Where the horizon meets vertical lines.



Paralanguage is a nonlexical component of meta-communication that may modify meaning of a speech, convey emotion, or invite thought.

The series, shot at the Vancouver Art Gallery, is a study of composition and lines, of the photographic language as a modifier of places and contexts, as a mean of translating one’s view through visual stimuli.

The final result is a mix of photography and digital painting.



Featured on QUICKIE | James Black Gallery

As the hours go by and the sun squints, peeking thought the seams of man made structures, it travels to leave a fraction of imprint on surfaces. It morphs, squeezes, reflects and changes, day by day it happens. Random repetition, encoded radiation, from start to the end, until the start again.



winter nights.
no light, no people. 
in the streets, islands
of bright corners and shapes, 
lines and fades.
deep, flat
organised mess.

cold expands
sun retreats
alive houses
empty of self.